Side drape dress/top DIY


Alright so it's the second week of the year and the side drape dress is finished... only after 2,345,123 attempts! I had quite a few moments of  'why did I choose this project', 'what am I doing' and 'who am I kidding' but I soon bounced back because I know I can do anything if I put my mind to it and that's no flimsy motivational cliche, but reality. Of course I can succeed if I really want's just that no one told me it takes many trials to get there! Anyway, I'm glad once more I didn't give up on this project even if it was difficult most of the time, especially remaking the pattern and fitting it.


So at first I cut the largest size which, according to the Japanese size chart in the book, was too small for me so I re-drawn it and cut the fabric... If you follow me on Instagram you might know I've also printed it in a cute stylized sun-moon-rainbow pattern. But no, when I tried it on the neckline was too large in an odd way — I mean it couldn't even pass as cold shoulder casual — the drape piece had become too big under my arm and maybe a few more features I don't want to can't remember now:)

It may be my pattern making skills are not there yet, but also, the Japanese patterns from the book might work just for up to a 90 cm bust/hip. I took another piece of paper, and I remade it once more. I cut two pieces now instead of a single one like that of the original pattern and instead of a straight angle which represented the drape side I rounded it a bit and I'm so happy to say it worked in the end, the dress draped better even if the fabric I chose was not the drapiest of jerseys.

When it comes to the upper part of the dress, I replaced the tank top look from the book with the LB Pullover by Paper Theory a sewing pattern I absolutely recommend - a very nice cut and shape and highly versatile especially if you are into pattern experimentation or beginning to sew. I finished it with a classic T-shirt neckline, but by all means the possibilities are endless - I'm thinking a cowl could be nice, a turtleneck or even a hoodie, right?

Ah and one more thing, it can even be worn as a top!

All in all my first make from a Japanese sewing book turned out great, even if it has been an adventure to find the right fit for me. I think that's the beauty of this book and draping fabrics in general: the whole creative process is a rich experience that leads not only to a lovely unique garment, but to learning and evolving at one's craft.



Thank you for joining my sewing journey. Sending love!

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