Original custom portraits for sale

Yay, we're open for commisions! 


If you're looking to offer a gift from the heart, something original that's enirely made for your favorite person, you're in the right place. I can help create a custom painting and a unique memory for your love whether it's a family portrait, a sweet friendship, your sewing buddy, your colleague's funny doggo or simply to say 'I like you, thanks for being in the world'.


The portraits are painted using high quality watercolors on cold pressed, acid free watercolour paper, size 148x210 mm (A5) and they come in plastic free packaging. 


You can make it as personal and detailed as you envision, by emailing a photo, specifying your preferences - elements you wat to appear in the drawing, things you'd like them to wear, a written text, etc.


Once I've completed the first sketch, I'll send it to you and you can let me know of any changes to make if necessary. When happy, I'll paint the portrait, send you a final photo of the illustration and then proceed to sending it by post. You can also include a signed note.

I aim to complete the portrait and finish the whole process of shipping within a week, so that it can reach the destination in due time. The artwork is shipped worldwide from Portugal.

The price for an A5 portrait is €25 + €10 packing & posting. If you just want to send a digital copy, it can be ready for printing for the same price, minus shipping costs in which case please email before purchasing. There is a Paypal button below, for a secure transaction.



Original portrait

Here are the easy steps summarized:


1. Order by clicking the Paypal option available on this page. If you want the digital illustration, do email me before purchasing.

2. Email all your wishes including photo references and the details of the recipient (name + address) at cristinapapacu [at] gmail [dot] com or use the Instagram handle cristinapapacu (scroll down this page). You can ask me anything.


3. Make a nice cup of tea while waiting for your loved one to jump with joy when they receive their gift.


I'm happy to help bring well-deserved smiles to you and your loves!

 * The portraits pictured here are illustrative only.

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