Painted Torrens Box Top

Hi. This is a post about the loveliest boxy top pattern from Muna & Broad, well, there may be less words this time and more images hoping you'd feel inspired to make and paint your own. I've purchased this pattern recently and I enjoyed sewing it, especially since I was being guided by the lovely instructions on their YouTube Channel.  So I thought of brush strokes and I chose a few colours. I went with my intuition and didn't think of any design. I love to help an idea come true, but it's fun to just start making without planning, to just go with the flow. Soon, a kind of a rainbow appeared and then another! :)
For this project I chose a soft linen and I used fabric paint this time. The feel of the paint on the fabric is just like the screen printing ink, so the fabric stays soft (with acrylic paints the fabric gets a bit rigid).
Besides the great experience of the video instructions, to me the highlight of the Torrens Box Top pattern was also learning a new technique. Attaching and sewing the sleeve band was ace and I got it right the first time. I don't know if it was beginner's luck, but I'm pretty inclined to think it's simply an awesome pattern. You can see below how perfect the underarm looks! (thank you, thank you!)
Here it is, a wonderful pattern, straightforward but with a twist, that you can make yours by painting too (among many other hacks). Have fun and paint your style!


  1. Hi! This is beautiful! What brand of fabric paint did you use? Has it bled or faded?

  2. Thank you! I used fabric paint I bought on and it's not faded by now. It's a bit transparent so I painted two coats. Look for brands that are water based and their texture is rather liquid.