How to print & wear a drawing

Hi, how are you? Today I'll show you how I made a unique present for my mum. It was her birthday a few days ago and Sean and I prepared something I know she'll love - Sean drew for her and I printed it on a shirt. I also made the Tee using a free pattern by Grainline Studio in a very soft cotton jersey. Through the years, Mum always appreciated a handmade card I made for her, instead of a store bought gift, so now I'm very happy she gets to wear something made especially for her and keep us close at all times. Except on laundry day. :)

Alright, so if you are not sewing, any T-shirt will do, provided it's a good quality fabric with over 50% cotton content so the fabric paint will print and stay nicely.

First step - I copied the drawing onto freezer paper and cut a stencil along the lines using a craft knife (x-acto type). I removed the cut parts and I ironed the paper onto the T-shirt in the place where I decided the print would be.
I painted over the paper in two layers of fabric paint, but you could play and find out your favourite look. The more layers, the more opaque your design gets. I kind of liked a bit of transparency and didn't worry about the 'mistakes' as it added up to its handmade, unique personality.

Once it was dry, I removed the stencil and set the paint it by ironing for a minute. It was ready. I shipped it to our mum/gran and we're waiting for the surprise to get there and to see her shine.

  • T-shirt
  • line/contour drawing
  • freezer paper
  • craft knife
  • fabric paint & brush
  • iron
  • love
Have fun making some unique gifts for the people you love. Thanks for stopping by!

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