Diy galaxy painted sneakers

Hi, I'm happy to be back! As you might know over the past few months we moved in a new place, not only a new apartment, but a new country too. We live now in sunny Portugal, have loads of dreams and stories and creative ideas in our pockets and of course, we're looking forward to new adventures.

While moving houses and countries I focused a lot on finding smart, sustainable solutions for traveling, wearing, housing and living in general. It's true, when tools, space and means are scarce you have to get more creative - which is great, cause it's how we evolve to making the most out of living with less without having to buy new all the time in order to satisfy a need or a want.

These are the trainers I've been wearing for the last year and a half, they're still great, but a bit worn out. .. So, I thought of painting them for a fresher look plus it was a fun afternoon project we did together.

First I cleaned them, took the laces out and then covered with tape the parts I wanted to remain blank.

Then I used half of a kitchen sponge and plain acrylic paint (the inexpensive type, school supplies department) - dipped the sponge in paint and patted all over, blending the colours and creating gradients. We used blue, red and white, and mixed them while being in the flow of creating. Feel yourself free and experiment.

After the first layer dried up I splattered some white acrylic and painted tiny starlights. The next day, that's today :) we just removed the masking tape and put the laces back on and ta-da...

... new shoes, right?! The thing is, it's easy to throw away, but buying new when not always necessary may have a higher cost environmentally, so why not reinvent and feel absolutely awesome in the process... Not to mention wearing something you made feels so magical, always.

On a side note, I first thought of using fabric paint, but then I realised it usually needs to be set by heat so there was no way I could have used an iron or hot press on sneakers, so yeah, luckily the acrylics worked perfectly - they set on their own once the water content evaporated.


Masking (paper) tape
Acrylic paint
Kitchen sponge
Piece of fabric, paper or oilcloth to protect the surface you're working on

All materials are washable, can be stored and reused for other projects.

Hope this inspires you to reuse and repurpose old trainers and to exercise the creative muscle :) Sending 💜

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