100 days of printing on fabric update

Hi! I've been printing, I've been printing... :) The 100 day project is reaching an end but that's just theoretically speaking cause I'm happy to improve it every day, beyond this fixed term. The project turned out to be an open door for me and how lovely it opened a heart too.

I got to paint, stencil, screen print, stamp spray, made T-shirts, taught my first screen print class and of course plan and dream a lot.

These are a few of the swatches of jersey and linen fabric I played with. I tried to print using household accessible affordable items, I followed random ideas I got at the time, without thinking too much or following a certain direction.

There were mistakes too, but that's how we learn, right. Doing this work at home or in a studio may actually look like actually printing 10% of the time and 90% cleaning the stuff and space you use!

I love the raw unique look of a hand printed item, the infinite possibilities you're harnessing, the feeling of wearing or gifting something YOU've made.
Be right back with a tutorial on how to stamp print with cardboard, string and ink!