The 100 day project

Hi! I've started this blog feeling both excited and worried. Would I be able to write again? Do I still have something interesting to say? Have we really been on the moon? :) ... and so on. But I soon rediscovered how much I loved writing and sharing my work and the initial doubts faded away. Now I can certainly say I have no idea what I'm doing, but I really really enjoy doing it!

Today I'm happy to say I have started a 100 day project: I will play with fabric printing, painting and mark making every day for the next three months. I love the unpredictability and multitude of resources for this craft, but it can sometimes be so overwhelming that too many options can turn to none. So my 'condition' will be to experiment with various mediums, but keep it DIY and homemade accessible. I'm hoping to inspire you to try some of the techniques in order to express your beautiful ideas. 

For this first print I used a piece of jersey fabric I had in my stash, acrylic paint and a sponge stick available at art/crafts supply stores. After dabbing the sponge + paint I let it dry and thought of transforming it into a T-shirt the next day, because why not. It's always fun to go with the creative flow, just like a child.

The printed fabric is totally washable. I recommend a cold wash/short cycle (mostly because cotton tends to shrink in warmer temperatures) and so it will have a longer life.

That's my first step on the 100 day journey of printing on fabric, I'm off to print something new!

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