Painting flowers in March

March was for painting flowers! And seeing flowers, and feeling their amazing scent everywhere... Before last month I haven't really attempted to draw flowers, perhaps I was afraid I couldn't capture their beauty. I thought that was Nature's job and she was doing it perfectly. So how can I reveal more beauty than what already IS?!

But I remember: the day before the first of March was warm and the grass inviting, so I stayed in the sun right next to a patch of crocuses... Purple, orange, yellow, white, so magical. I just sat and smiled continuously, not sure what to do. If to do something at all... After a while, the only thing that made sense was to pull out my sketchbook, paint and brush. My hand was fearful, but my heart was full and she wanted to let all the flowers in.

Such an uncharted territory... these beautiful creatures. So mysterious, so pretty, but so brave - standing tall and strong in the face of impermanence. 'I am here right now! This is my time and this is the best of me!' this is the song I've heard flowers sing.

Days went by and as I was willing to surrender to their message I noticed flowers appearing everywhere, small or big, colourful, in the shape of the clouds or even when I was looking at my hands.
I was a flower too!

It was a whole month of drawing flowers, every day. Thinking about flowers, letting them lead the journey. I sketched in watercolors and pen, but I'm dreaming of dipping my petals fingers in acrylics, inks and even print on fabric. What do you use for drawing flowers, or what would you like?

I hope you feel inspired to get closer to these amazing miracles and even start a drawing/painting practice. It's so interesting to feel a connection growing. I can assure you of one thing: whether you start by being experienced or not, something will happen once you get past the voice of fear, creativity will shine through.

Thank you for reading and being here! 🌿


  1. Very nice T-shirts. I am a fan. Cannot wait to receive the remaining ones!

  2. Thank you, A.!! I'm your fan too!

    with love.